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  • Turnkey service, hourly or contract rates;
  • Project coordination;
  • Able to work with sub-contractors (for self-builders);
  • Renovations to improve the comfort of your home we work with architects and interior designers;
  • In order to provide you with healthier surroundings, we work towards providing you with more energy efficient homes.
  • - Roof repair;
    - Structural repair;
    - Exterior finishes: Canexel, Maibec, Fibrocement, Vinyl and Aluminium cladding;
    - Modification or transfer of load bearing walls.

  • - Ogee, plinths and wood framings;
    - Flooring solid wood (North American or exotic woods) or floating floors;
    - Doors and windows;
    - Staircases (rough framing covered with oak, maple, etc. finishes)
    - Cabinets (Melamine, Thermoplastic, Wood, etc.);
    - Installation of gypsum panelling.
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